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Day 9: Deep Purple

Last day of packages! I’m kinda sad that this, like all good things, has come to an end. Today’s package is called Deep Purple and I was right in my guess that it’s yarn! But not just

Day 8: Who Me

Second to last package! And it’s a big one. I could tell it was a book of some sort since I could feel the binding. I wasn’t prepared for how cute this one is! The other nice

Day Seven: I’m Yummy 2

Oh man, I am so stuffed. Why? Because of today’s box! Hazelnuts (my favorite!), almonds and pistachios dipped in dark chocolate. No, you can’t have any! Like this:Like Loading...

Day Six: Traditions/Tradiciones

What sort of traditions? I wondered! Well Itako read about my attempts at cooking and is working on a translation of a Venezuelan dish. Querido Luis, eso no es necessario! Yo no escribo en este pagina en español,

Day Five: In Stitches

Since today is Wednesday and I usually post my works in progress (that’ll be a separate entry) I figured the parcel marked “In stitches” was appropriate. Inside I found some tools that will certainly keep me in

Day Four: Loafing

This was a “lazy” package and I’m feeling lazy today so I opened the card. All Underground Crafter did was print out these patterns: Itako picked them out! They are available as free Ravelry downloads, Flourishing Mittens

Day Three! Ugly Ducklings

I had no idea what that could mean so that was next to open! Three mini skeins from Underground Crafter’s stash! The card is an old photo of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, across the park from

Big Surprise!

Ages and ages ago, I signed up for the Blog Hub swap on Ravelry. The object was to send at least 7 things so your swapner has something to blog about each day. It was done round

Playful Swap Packages

Confession: I only listen to one knitting related podcast. It’s A Playful Day hosted by the lovely GreenTriangleGirl. She also hosts a group for listeners of her podcast and we recently had our first official swap. Last

I’m Slowly Reaching SABLE

For those of you not in the know, SABLE stands for Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. I think I’m slowly reaching that point in my knitting life. This time I blame, SheMakesStuff for selling mini skeins of
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