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Tonight on the Stupid Cancer Radio Show!

Tonight, October 27th, 2014 at 8pm Eastern you can hear me live on Stupid Cancer Radio! I’ll be chatting with Matthew and Annie about the healing effects of art and craft on chemo brain. The short version is:

Fab Friday Finds #19

  I am obsessing over this interview  between SeaweedKisses and Ryo. Her daily doodles in her Hobonichi planner are too cute and super inspiring. Perhaps in 2015, I’ll really commit to a daily doodle project. Speaking of

Personality Types, Perfection and Paper

Last week, my friends and I found out our Enneagram personality types. While we all agreed and assumed there’s nothing really scientific backing up the results, we did find the descriptions to be both enlightening and sobering.

Life Starts Over Again in the Fall

I’ve been struggling to meaningfully blog lately. As I mentioned in my previous post, early September is a hard time of year for me. Tomorrow is my three year cancer-versary and I try to do things out

FO Friday: Chinese brush painting

The other day, I spotted on Google maps an art studio across the street from my new house. Lo and behold, my neighbor runs Laughing Waters Studio from his home. (I love that I’ve moved to a

FO Friday: Two faces

I’ve been doodling and painting a ton since we’ve moved in. My yarn is unpacked, of course, but I’m not feeling it right now. Plus I can see how my drawing skills have been improving and it’s

FO Friday: A better portrait

I keep playing around with my watercolor set and I’m really seeing improvement. I have to remind myself that they don’t work like acrylics. With acrylic paintings, you work from dark to light. With watercolors, it’s the

FO Friday: Golden Mantella Frog

I’ve been on a painting roll lately. It feel so much more easier to paint in a tiny hotel room than knit. I feel like most of my knitting, even sock knitting, needs to take up lots

FO Friday: Zengtangled Goldfish

Hello hello! It’s been awfully quiet here. That’s because we’ve moved to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We’re currently house hunting so I haven’t had too much time to craft. I did, however, find time to

Failure or Growth?

I want to share with you a failure of mine. I’ve blogged about failed projects before (like my resin bracelet and two different pairs of socks) and I do my best to figure out what went wrong
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