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FO Friday: Mrs Tumnus Shawl

I finished the Mrs Tumnus shawl yesterday. I’m quite surprised at how quickly this knitted up. Here is the full shawl on the blocking mat: And here is a detailed photo: I cannot wait for it to finish

Failure or Growth?

I want to share with you a failure of mine. I’ve blogged about failed projects before (like my resin bracelet and two different pairs of socks) and I do my best to figure out what went wrong

FO Friday: Lydia Bennet Secret Stockings are DONE

I finished my Lydia Bennet socks yesterday! Of course, today is a grey and rainy day which means they took forever to dry. When I photographed them, they were still a little too damp to wear even

FO Friday: Pepper the Penguin

I finally finished last week’s penguin! Meet Pepper the Penguin. He’s all done and so cute. He’s about 10″ tall and quite chubby. I’m going to make him a hat and scarf later. He’s so cuddly. He’s

FO Friday: Waterlily

This week, I signed up for a watercolor class at the local Gilda’s Club. I’ve been trying to teach myself to watercolor with pretty good success so I took advantage of the free class. The instructor printed

FO Friday: A bunch of lymph nodes

I am having way too much fun making lymph nodes. I’m starting to make them in different colors too! My friends at Gilda’s Club have been requesting them in pink because breast cancer survivors often have their

FO Friday: Magic Coffee Baby Hats

Last week a wonderful co worker of the SGT’s asked if I could make his two sons some hats. He wanted something hand made to take back to India to give them and to show his wife

FO Friday: Mosquito Mosquito

Kit number 2 of the Fresh Stitches kit club came in this week! This month’s pattern was a mosquito. NessaMcTastic, on Flickr”> I didn’t log onto the secret website before I started so I missed out on

FO Friday: A crocheted lymph node

I posted a sneak peek on Tuesday but everyone’s guesses were WRONG! I crocheted up my own lymph node. It’s not anatomically correct but then again, I’m not a doctor. The little French knots up on one

FO Friday: Make Great Art

Another journal page from me! The knitted and crochet objects are still very much in the “in progress” stage so the next few Fridays will be peeks into my art journal.   The background is from the
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