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FO Friday: Mrs Tumnus Shawl

I finished the Mrs Tumnus shawl yesterday. I’m quite surprised at how quickly this knitted up. Here is the full shawl on the blocking mat:


And here is a detailed photo:


I cannot wait for it to finish drying. It will feel like a hug that is much needed today. I hope all of my Boston readers are safe. I used Dream in Color Smooshy and knitted this on a set of US7 circs.

It’s Friday and Tami’s put up this week’s link.

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Failure or Growth?

I want to share with you a failure of mine. I’ve blogged about failed projects before (like my resin bracelet and two different pairs of socks) and I do my best to figure out what went wrong and what went right. Here’s another:


I’m taking “How to Paint Faces” class over at Kat Can Paint! and this was my first time ever painting a face. The initial drawing is part of the info packet. Once I copied that (just a simple pencil transfer), I followed Kat’s 8 steps to painting skin. Well, I should have read the whole thing before starting.

Firstly, I used my widest brush to create the outlines. That was mistake number one. I should have used my liner brush instead. Secondly, I didn’t really mix my paints well enough. Thirdly, I didn’t read the instructions for painting lips. Lastly, I didn’t wait for the paint around her eyes to dry before outlining the lids and painting in her pupils. I did do something right! Her face was a little too red and I was able to lighten it. Next time, I don’t need to add so much red.

What this really boils down to is a lack of patience. And/or not keeping my hair dryer by my side to dry the paints. I’m used to being able to dive into a knit or crochet project and understand what’s going on. Painting is a new skill for me, doubly so for painting faces. When learning a new skill, I need to read all the directions (like at school!) and make sure I have all my materials with me.

So what went right? I was able to even out her skin tone by trying something different. I’m really proud of the fact that I was able to fix it without help. The really great part was that I did dive into this with both feet and I had a lot of fun painting at home. Even though I was keenly aware that I was making mistakes, I didn’t stop and just kept painting. And at the end, when I saw how wonky her eyes came out I laughed. I laughed at my mistake, I laughed at how silly she looks. I laughed at myself which makes me proud to show off this painting. I’m not ashamed of it and laughing at it has taken away any bad feelings that could have taken root.

The next time I mess up a project, I’m going to take the time to laugh at it and laugh at my newness. I’m not an expert and that’s okay!

FO Friday: Lydia Bennet Secret Stockings are DONE

I finished my Lydia Bennet socks yesterday!

lydia_bennet_socks_doneOf course, today is a grey and rainy day which means they took forever to dry. When I photographed them, they were still a little too damp to wear even after several trips through the dryer. Oh well, I’ll wear them later today/tomorrow.

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FO Friday: Pepper the Penguin

I finally finished last week’s penguin! Meet Pepper the Penguin.


He’s all done and so cute. He’s about 10″ tall and quite chubby. I’m going to make him a hat and scarf later. He’s so cuddly. He’s the latest FreshStitches pattern, Pepper the Penguin. This pattern is a double whammy, she teamed up with Abby Glassenberg who designed a sewing pattern of Pepper.

I used scrap yarn I had laying about and my favorite 4 mm/size G crochet hook. I didn’t have any safety eyes in the right size for his head so I sewed them on with the last bits of black. I might change them out for buttons but I haven’t decided yet.

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FO Friday: Waterlily

This week, I signed up for a watercolor class at the local Gilda’s Club. I’ve been trying to teach myself to watercolor with pretty good success so I took advantage of the free class.


The instructor printed out the image onto water color paper and showed us how to fill in the waterlily. I might paint in a solid background but I’m not sure yet. Since I have my own set of paints at home, he graciously gave me an extra page for me to paint in at home. He also had a still life set up for the more advanced student there. Perhaps next month, I’ll join her if the subject is again this straight forward.

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FO Friday: A bunch of lymph nodes

I am having way too much fun making lymph nodes. I’m starting to make them in different colors too!


My friends at Gilda’s Club have been requesting them in pink because breast cancer survivors often have their lymph nodes removed in a mastectomy.

I made the larger guy by doubling my yarn (it’s sport weight) and using a 5.5 mm/I hook. The eyes come from Suncatcher Eyes and for him I used 12mm eyes.

The pattern is still up for sale and I am happy to announce that I was able to donate $26.25 to Stupid Cancer! Grab a copy today and help me make that total go up.

And keep your eyes on this page because I’ll soon be opening up an Etsy store full of ready made lymph nodes!

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FO Friday: Magic Coffee Baby Hats

Last week a wonderful co worker of the SGT’s asked if I could make his two sons some hats. He wanted something hand made to take back to India to give them and to show his wife my skills. I was flattered and agreed. I used the Magic Coffee Baby Hat that was in my library.

Since his children are 4 and 2 years old respectfully, I went up two needle sizes and made the largest size. The ribbing on the orange hat is  K1tbl, P1 because I misread the instructions. Since I was using mystery scrap yarn, I ditched the stripes and the I-cord loop on top. It was a fast knit and rather enjoyable. I hope his wife and children love them and I hope they fit.

More information about the hats can be read on my Ravelry page. More FOs can be seen over at Tami’s blog.

FO Friday: Mosquito Mosquito

Kit number 2 of the Fresh Stitches kit club came in this week! This month’s pattern was a mosquito.

NessaMcTastic, on Flickr”>dale.jpg

I didn’t log onto the secret website before I started so I missed out on a super special modification. Stacey included four pipe cleaners to turn a normal sized mosquito into a long-legged spider mosquito. I’ve set them aside with a note on my pattern for next time.

I’ve named this little guy Rey, in honor of my dad. When he was a young boy, he was a pretty big pest. He was the second youngest and the only boy so he was spoiled by his older sisters. My Aunt Lolin told my mom once that he would start fights with the other kids but had her and her other sisters finish them or get him out of them. They called him mosquito a nickname he passed on to most of his grandsons who were and continue to be equally pesky.

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FO Friday: A crocheted lymph node

I posted a sneak peek on Tuesday but everyone’s guesses were WRONG! I crocheted up my own lymph node.


It’s not anatomically correct but then again, I’m not a doctor. The little French knots up on one of the vessels are lymphocytes. I thought it made it look quite coquettish. I’m going to add a pin back to it and wear it as a hipper version of an awareness ribbon.

I’ve got the pattern written up, I just need three (3) people to test the pattern for me. If you are interested, please send an email to vanessa AT mixedmartialartsandcrafts DOT com. This is a very quick and simple amigurumi pattern, I’m mostly looking for assurances that everything is clearly written.

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FO Friday: Make Great Art

Another journal page from me! The knitted and crochet objects are still very much in the “in progress” stage so the next few Fridays will be peeks into my art journal.



The background is from the classified section of the local free newspaper. I painted over it with watered down acrylics. Underneath the astronaut it says “And the world was never the same.” I wrote “It was BETTER!” and then around the duct tape (recycled from a package I got!) I wrote “Make great art”. However, I feel like it’s now too busy. I have more of that salvaged duct tape so I’m thinking about replacing it with the tape that is unwritten.

Funny, on the one hand, I think I do make great art but I’m not sure how I feel about this page. I don’t feel like it’s great but I’m not sure if that’s just me being hypercritical of myself or if I’m right. This is why I find it very hard to judge my work. I’m not sure if I’m telling myself the truth or not!

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