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Fab Friday Finds #32

It’s Friday! Which means I finally get to share with you the links I’ve been hoarding all week. Here are this week’s Fab Friday Finds. Some people (mostly women, sadly) don’t think of themselves as a do-er.

Tonight on the Stupid Cancer Radio Show!

Tonight, October 27th, 2014 at 8pm Eastern you can hear me live on Stupid Cancer Radio! I’ll be chatting with Matthew and Annie about the healing effects of art and craft on chemo brain. The short version is:

FO Friday: Crochet Lymph Node Goodness

I’ve had too much fun making more nodes from my crochet lymph node pattern. I’m whipping up a bunch of brooches and larger nodes that fit into a pocket in preparation for my Etsy store’s grand opening

What are lymph nodes and what is lymphoma?

I’ve talked about my life with lymphoma and I’ve published a crochet pattern to make your own lymph node but what the heck is lymphoma and what does a lymph node do? First, let’s take a look

WIP Wednesday: Roosevelt the Monster

I’ve been a member of the FreshStitches kit club for some time now. This month’s creature is Roosevelt the Monster! The added bonus (every package comes with a bonus!) is that skein of specialty yarn. It’s Shepard’s

Stitches South recap, part one

Yes, this will be a post in two parts about Stitches South! Part one featuring the goodies I picked up will be up tomorrow. I had the pleasure of splitting a room with Stacey from FreshStitches (check out

FO Friday: Pepper the Penguin

I finally finished last week’s penguin! Meet Pepper the Penguin. He’s all done and so cute. He’s about 10″ tall and quite chubby. I’m going to make him a hat and scarf later. He’s so cuddly. He’s

WIP Wednesday: More crochet love

I can’t stop hooking! (Phrasing, boom!) The finished project is going live on Friday but here’s a small peek: I tend to crochet smaller things so once I get started on a project, it’s over before I

Crochet a Lymph Node pattern is now live!

Friday’s cute little guy is now for sale! The pattern itself is $5.00 however, $3.00 of each sale will be sent to one of my favorite cancer charities, Stupid Cancer. Their focus is on young adults (like

FO Friday: A crocheted lymph node

I posted a sneak peek on Tuesday but everyone’s guesses were WRONG! I crocheted up my own lymph node. It’s not anatomically correct but then again, I’m not a doctor. The little French knots up on one
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