Survivor Stories: Interview with Johnny T!

Survivor Stories with Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts

This week, I interviewed Johnny T (that’s him!) about testicular cancer, fatherhood and the history of daddy-blogging.

  1. It was partially the lack of insurance, and partially lack of knowledge. A doc visit without insurance would have run me $75 not including anything extra like an ultrasound or any other diagnostic tests. The other side that kept me from seeking a doc was just not realizing the multiple symptoms were all pointing to the same issue.

    Weight loss, pale skin, weakness, all thought to be one thing. Swelling in the testicle thought to be something else. It wasn’t until the pain in the back started that we started putting all the pieces together.

    But even if I had known, it would have been an ER trip instead of a regular doc visit. Same thing even now sometimes. I receive medicaid, but only a few months at a time. Then I have to meet $3900 out of pocket expense before I get it back.

  2. Maritza

    Such a shame that because of lack of insurance he wasn’t able to go to a doctor when the first symptoms started.


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