The Most Frustrating Thing About Cancer…

…is that it has nothing to do with anything we can control. You can eat well, not smoke or drink alcohol, cut out sugar, exercise every day, think only the happiest and most positive thoughts possible and still get cancer.

Frustrating, right?

Those first few weeks of diagnosis are the worst because you’ll slowly realize that there is no answer to “Why me?”

So what did I do? I decided to wrest meaning out of cancer. I saw an opportunity to fundamentally change who I wanted to be. This was my reset button.

I’m not naturally as positive as I sometimes appear to be on here. It’s a persona but one that’s helped me start viewing the world in more positive terms.


Have you (or someone you love) been diagnosed with cancer? Or maybe you just got the worst news ever? Take a deep breath. Let it out. Now’s your chance to erase the disappointments, the embarrassing failures and the awkward moments. Start anew and with a better chance of getting it right.

  1. I definitely wrestled with the Why Me questions, but unlike you, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was dead set on NOT letting it change any part of my life. I didn’t want such a sucky thing take credit for any positive changes in my life. Rather than use it as a catalyst for self-improvement, I stubbornly decided to stay just the same so no one could say that getting cancer was “a good thing.”

    • I totally hear you and agree. For me? I hated pre-cancer me. I was really insecure and I felt like I was just lost at sea. So this was my chance to do life over. I cut out a bunch of people, gained confidence and found a purpose.

  2. Vanessa, you are an awesome life coach!

  3. What makes cancer particularly tricky is that there is some environmental causes. Like, not playing with nuclear waste or not taking up smoking. But there are plenty of people with lung cancer that never smoked a day.

    Sometimes, shit just happens!

  4. YES, THIS! It took me a few years before I would believe my doctor when he said that having fibromyalgia was not my fault.


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