Fab Friday Finds #12


  • Johnny T (That’s him!) bares his soul about depression and chemo. Keep tissues within reach.
  • Why didn’t I think of that?
  • I’ve been following Grace’s Garden Walk for a few months now. I’m shocked that she’s 17. I don’t think I had a tenth of the style and poise she had when I was her age.
  • I wanted to collect stamps as a kid and I had a small collection. This makes me want to take it up again.
  • A question for you all: Is bunting as signage still in or is it a craft show cliche?
  1. Bunting can be really fun for signage – but make sure it’s readable and sturdy. I’ve seen some where I can hardly make out the name.
    Of course, you could always be like me, who sat on the signage fence for so long I ended up with no signage :)

  2. I still love seeing bunting, even if it is cliche – own it! I actually made bunting for my desk and conveniently blogged about it today (so I may have a biased opinion): http://sillylittlelady.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/fo-friday-a-fun-piece-of-desk-flair/


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