Fabulous Friday Finds

It’s Friday! This week has been very exciting here at the dojo.

    • I’m gearing up for my first craft show next month! I will be selling my organs at the Junk Society’s New Found Glory show June 12, 13 and 14.
    • I’ll also be at the LoLa Art Crawl in August, right in my neighborhood. I love Minneapolis!
    • Have you seen these cute stickers? I love Scrawny Girl’s sticker of the month club. I wonder if I still have my old sticker book somewhere.
    • It’s also Children’s Day in Japan. Wendi Gratz put out a cool koinobori carp pattern. Put the carpe back in your diem.
    • And a new F. Scott Fitzgerald story has been uncensored and published. My literature loving heart is flooded with joy.
    • Last, but not least my friend Mei from Tiny Hands has made me a slamming early birthday gift because I’m going to Disney World this month!


Have you found anything cool online this week? If you enjoyed my wrap up, you’ll enjoy my now!

  1. That is a cute necklace! Happy early birthday! Thanks for loving my sticker of the month idea! Ps your blog is super cute! Xo


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