Do You Do Self Exams?

Show of hands, and be honest! how many of you do a regular self-exam?

Yeah, me neither.

LifeHacker posted a great article (with NSFW videos because naked is bad) about how and why doing a breast and/or testicular exams are important.

I’m also going to add in one more: feel your lymph nodes that are in your underarms. Most women (like me!) feel them and freak out thinking it’s a lump. It is, but it’s a “lump” that’s supposed to be there.

Get to know how they feel normally, that way you know what’s normal for YOU and what’s not. If you know what normal feels like, you’ll be able to tell your doctor what feels wrong. Do they feel stiffer? Larger? Smaller? Squishier? The more information you can present your doctor, the better they’ll be at figuring out just what is wrong.

Because why not?

Because why not?

Do you need a reminder? I know very few guys actually do perform a testicular exam. I still have some mustachioed testicles for sale. Throw ’em at the man in your life and print out that article.

  1. i came up with the best way and my GYN thought it was brilliant when I told her… I taught my husband how! Now I just have to remind him they don’t need to be checked… hourly. πŸ˜‰

    (ps please fix the link in your newsletter box, the link isn’t fully closed and it’s a zombie eating other links… )

    • Hahaha! That is a BRILLIANT idea. We had a scare ages ago and…it turned out what Paul felt were my lymph nodes. This was way before cancer so we had a good laugh once we googled what was going on.

      PS I don’t see where the link is fully closed? Things look fine when I look at it?


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