What to say when your friend is sick

I wrote up a list of things to say to a cancer patient last year. I’ve been going through my archives to see what could do with an update.  I think these six things apply to any friend who is sick, whether it’s cancer or exhaustion. Edit: Want to know what NOT to say? Click here!

I’ve gone through and I’ve turned that list into a handy table for you to print out and give to your friends. You can even pin it on Pinterest!


Do you have any suggestions? If you’re the one who is sick and you’re having trouble articulating what you need, I can help you.

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  1. What good ideas! When people tell me about their misfortune (not just being ill) I’m not sure what the best reaction is. I figure most people want sympathy or someone to rant to, but these are really thoughtful suggestions. Thanks V!

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