WIP Wednesday: Limited Edition Pink Lymph Nodes

I picked up some really cute pink fabric from Crafty Planet the other day to make some pink for breast cancer lymph nodes. I only purchased a yard of fabric so when the fabric is used up, I won’t be selling any more pink lymph nodes in the shop.

Here are the three I’ve made so far:


I’ve named them Betsy, Bertha and Bonnie. All “b” names for breast and b-cell. I’ve met some lymphoma cancer survivors whose disease presented in the lymph nodes in their breast/under arm. I learned that in a mastectomy (removal of the breast), the lymph nodes that are in the mammary glands are also removed.

This removal can cause problems like lymphedema, the swelling of arms or legs. The painful swelling is caused by accumulated lymphatic fluid created and processed by your lymph nodes. My handmade lymph nodes are made of cotton and polyfiberfil stuffing so they’re guaranteed to not swell and not cause cancer.

I’m working on a few more but when they’re gone, they’re gone. Coming up soon will be a set of stuffed lungs!

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  1. These guys are so cute!


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