Life Starts Over Again in the Fall

I’ve been struggling to meaningfully blog lately. As I mentioned in my previous post, early September is a hard time of year for me. Tomorrow is my three year cancer-versary and I try to do things out of my comfort zone. During chemo, I jokingly sneered at people who went on bucket list binges but now I’ve found myself making a point to try new things.

And yet, there’s a secret part of me that thinks I’ve lost time to cancer. That now I’m on a race to make up for the two years I lost from illness, treatment and recovery.  That’s not a rare feeling either, in fact I was feeling that way this morning.

It’s surprising how sometimes what you need to hear the most pops up. That image was on my Pinterest feed and it hit me square in the feels.

Fitzgerald is right. Summer is on its way out and now is a time of renewal. I can’t get the time I lost to chemo back. All I can do right now is think about what I’ve learned from it. Glean some useful tips from what happened and start adding new qualities to the person I am now.

Next week, I’ll be on a rock climbing trip with First Descents, a non-profit that sends young adult cancer patients, like me!, on either climbing, surfing or kayaking trips free of charge. It’ll be a week away from home where I hope to draw some more, keep up my art journal and take lots of photos with my new lymph buddy. Either way, I’m open to a new experience and making new friends and the timing couldn’t be better.

The rush of the holidays is starting and the summer is starting to feel like a distant memory. Take some time out and do something rejuvenating. Try to tap in that feeling of renewal and reevaluate what has happened this rapidly fading year. I’d love to hear about what you’ve learned.

  1. Yes to everything you wrote!


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