FO Friday: Zengtangled Goldfish

Hello hello! It’s been awfully quiet here. That’s because we’ve moved to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We’re currently house hunting so I haven’t had too much time to craft. I did, however, find time to paint this guy:


I made sure that I kept my sketchbook and my travel set of water colors out along with some of my knitting. He looks more like a little whale than a goldfish but that’s alright! I think he’s super cute. I got to use my Pen & Ink sketch fountain pen over the water color washes. I use my pen mostly in my journaling but the insert said this pen is designed for sketching. It was really smooth over the washes and I enjoyed zentangling with it. However, the ink it comes with is not water proof. I tried to run a wash over one of the fins and it started to smear. That means I’m still in search for a fine tipped pen that won’t smear if I watercolor over it.

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  1. Omgosh! This does not look like a whale. It totally looks like one of those beautiful goldfish with eyes of windows into the world. I want to start Zentangling. Do you draw in the squares or just wherever.

    • First you pencil in a “string” which are just some random lines that you use as a guide. The string also breaks up your piece into sections. Then you just start doodling where ever you want. On this piece, I just lightly penciled in the fins and then I started tangling in where I felt.

  2. Congrats and very nice! Supposedly this pen – is smear-proof. I don’t know though as I haven’t tried it myself.

  3. Nin

    Love the details on the fins and tails! I think I’ve used the Micron permanents with excellent success. Never thought of doing art for FO Friday! Smart :)

  4. I use the Rapidograph pens. Love them and have used them for years and years.

  5. Amy

    For water and marker proof fine inking, I use either Pilot brush pens (try JetPens dot com) or Micron pens (you can get a whole set in different sizes for pretty cheap on Amazon).

    Congrats on the move, and I love the goldfish!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to try my Micron pens again, once I find them. I have a nice Pitt brush pen but that also smeared. Maybe I should also be a little more patient and not try to do all the techniques! while things are still very wet.

      I’m glad you like the fish!


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