FO Friday: Golden Mantella Frog

I’ve been on a painting roll lately. It feel so much more easier to paint in a tiny hotel room than knit. I feel like most of my knitting, even sock knitting, needs to take up lots of space. But not so much with my small watercolors. I saw a photo of this guy on pinterest and I knew I had to paint him:


I’m really proud of how this frog came out, though the line between his mouth and where his foreleg connects got smooshed together. I’m hoping to take a painting class or something that will help me trouble shoot when I notice things like that happening. But I’m still proud of how my skills are improving. Plus, it’s such a cute frog! I made the spot of white in his eye with a white jelly roll pen. I’m planning on using this pen to make some white zentangles instead of my usual black ones. It’ll be fun to play with tones and values on a different and lighter scale.

A little more info on the Golden Mantella frog. They live in Madagascar and are a critically endangered species. They’re related to the brightly colored poison dart frog. Golden Mantellas are found in the forest and near fresh water ponds. They are social creatures who live in family groups called armies with twice as many males as females. You can learn more about them from the Bristol Zoo’s conservation page.

  1. This looks pretty professional. I thought you had bought this card and was copying it.

  2. He turned out very cute!

  3. Cute, love the bright colours

  4. Amy

    Adorable! I used to work at a butterfly conservatory one summer during college and they had a display of poison dart frogs. I used to love watching them and seeing how vibrant the colors were.

  5. He’s cute, but I would be afraid to paint in a hotel room, for fear of making a mess, and think knitting would be easier.

    • Watercolors wash out with water and I’m using a travel set that has the paint in cakes. Plus the brush I use has a water well so I just squeeze out a drop or to right onto the tip. It’s very clean and it was made for painting away from a desk.


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