FO Friday: A better portrait

I keep playing around with my watercolor set and I’m really seeing improvement. I have to remind myself that they don’t work like acrylics. With acrylic paintings, you work from dark to light. With watercolors, it’s the opposite, paint the light parts FIRST and THEN you put in the dark bits with more washes.

With that in mind and a few tutorials I found online, I was able to draw and paint this portrait.


I call her Tabitha. I love her expression. I didn’t intend for her to look so…angry? Sad? Defiant?  I also am really proud at how the shadows work and her skin tone is just what I was looking for.

What expression do you think she has on her face? Is there a story behind her stare?

For more finished objects, check out Tami’s blog.

  1. Interesting watercolor. She seems frozen to the spot and is being lectured.

  2. She’s got an interesting look alright. Looks like you’re really making strides in watercolour! Good for you!

  3. Very nicely done, watercolors are particularly challenging for portraits I think. Keep it up, you’re on to something interesting.

  4. Tabitha is lovely. I’m not sure what she’s thinking. I love the look of watercolor but have trouble getting shading to work the way I think it should. Still much to learn.

  5. The eyes are sad, but the mouth makes me think that the sadness comes from indignation and disappointment. Good work!

  6. I really like your painting, she looks a bit angry/tired. I am not good in reading faces, but you can make up a whole story based upon the look on her face. Well done!


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