FO Friday: Log Cabin Coaster

I’ve been on a coaster kick recently. They’re so easy to push out that I’ve been making different styles. I would love to make a log cabin style quilt (I’ll probably end up knitting one instead) so I tried a small version of one:

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m not happy with my fabric stash as a whole. I like the bits that I’ve slowly collected but when I try to put them together, I’m really disappointed. The SGT however, disagrees. He says that yes, they don’t mesh well but he thinks as a whole it’s very appealing in a mismatched china sort of way. He also likes that my sewing is a little crooked. Apparently, it makes it look more folksy?

What do you think, dearest reader? For more FOs, check out Tami’s blog.

  1. eweniq

    mmmmm. I’m an anal-retentive person especially with my crafting so I can relate to how you feel about your log cabin coaster.

    here are a few hints re: log cabins, (1) I almost always begin (centre square) with a solid colour or a print that’s otherwise not distracting – in my opinion, this helps to ground the block. (2) were you going for a wonky log cabin? If not, all strips should be the same width. For coasters I would choose fabrics with small scale patterns and cut strips thinner (1.5″ ending with 1″ sewn) than strips I’d use on larger projects like a placemat or quilt.

    As far as stash is concerned, I’d suggest buying fat quarter sets from within the same range. Not only is this the most cost-efficient way to build up a stash (especially if you’re interested in smaller projects), it also guarantees that your fat quarters will match each other within the set. Furthermore, most sets vary in scale (large scale/ small scale), tones (dark blue/light blue), patterns (stripes, florals, spots/dots etc) yet work well together. So you can mix with impunity.

    hope this helps!

  2. I like your husband’s take on the coaster. The colors are bright and fun and the patterns a bit whimsical.

  3. what a cute little project!
    i feel something similar with my yarn stash, it’s almost like none of the colors really match at all, which makes pairing them up for projects a little difficult.
    maybe if you want to work toward starting ‘fresh’ to have fabrics that complement each other you can buy a fat quarter of a simple but agreeable color to work with most of them?
    in the case of my yarn at least, i got a warm grey which made just about all of my stash-related colorwork projects look really beautiful and well meditated!

  4. I actually think it looks pretty cool… I love the “mismatched china” comparison 😀

  5. It’s the patterns that don’t work all together. When you do something like a log cabin piece, you want solids or very tiny prints that read as solids so it doesn’t distract from the geometry. You can have a “bar” or the “center” in the print, but all these prints don’t work for this. Mixing prints does work for hexagon shapes, in fact the more varied, the better – go figure! I think you “smelled” that something was wrong, trust your instincts.


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