New Motifs!

By popular demand, I’ve made a few more geeky Bee Keeper Quilt motifs. All of these are available for download on this page or through Ravelry.

First two Super Mario themed ones!

Click for PDF chart

Click for PDF

This next one is my take on a Mr Saturn from my favorite RPG ever, Earthbound/Mother 2. I couldn’t quite make a “real” Mr Saturn work within the space allowed for a standard hexipuff so he’s got a few distinct things missing.

Click for PDF

And the last one is an original creation of mine. My blog has become firmly associated with ninjas it seems. So what’s better than an official Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts ninja for your blanket? (Nothing is better!)

Click for PDF

Happy stitching! If you do use any of these charts, I’d love to see the finished objects!

  1. Cute motifs, what sre you using to draw your charts up?


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