Hoo are you?

This weekend, Pier 1 was having a pretty big sale on their patio furniture and some other things. I can’t resist the siren song of 50% off and I needed some mugs in the house since we only have two. So these little beauties came home with me:

I love the spoon!

This one was quite a steal at $4, marked down from $8. Earlier that morning, I had thought to myself that I needed a dedicated coffee spoon. Well, this mug has it! It’s my favorite shade of blue, too. I don’t know why, but the rubber base also pleases me.

Right above these mugs was this cutie:

I shall call her Hootina!

How could I resist such a fetching look? She’s a bit bigger than what I like to have my morning cafe con leche (espresso with warmed milk) but she’ll do for my evening cup of Good Earth green tea.* I’m not a fan of pure green tea, but this one is really nice. The chamomile has been helping me to relax before bed and it gives it a nice smooth flavor. I recommend using a spoonful of good honey instead of sugar. It really helps to bring out the earthy flavors of the tea. Now having Hootina hold my tea, makes my pre bedtime routine more special.

Good night!

*N.B.: I was not compensated in any way for that plug. I just really like their stuff! 

7 Responses to Hoo are you?

  1. Adorable! I, too love the little spoon on the first mug!

  2. That owl mug is very pretty; I’d use it to put a potplant in :-)

  3. Love the mugs. But I need a pretty big cup of coffee in the morning or I am not fit for human companionship. I love the blue one.

  4. Oh Good Earth Teas are great – they have a chocolate chai that I love and wish I can find around here. Otherwise I will just have to make a major road trip to get some – or find a mail order source. Let me know if your local source carries the chai, please?

    Love the owl mug – love owls and mushrooms in just about any form.


  5. Cute mugs! I have to check out that store.

  6. Cute mugs! I love to browse around Pier 1, too! They always have so much really cute stuff.

  7. Oh, I love the idea of having a bedtime drink in an owl mug, that’s perfect ;) And the special spoon on the other mug is so cute. I like the sound of the rubber base too, ingenious.

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