WIP Wednesday: Lace Scarf and swap


I did manage to cast on something this week. Actually, two somethings but one is for one swap I’m participating in. Which reminds me, I need to find a good pattern for my other swap package.

Let’s start with the selfish knitting first, shall we? It’s Nancy Bush’s Dee’s Diamond Scarf to Knit (Rav link) and it’s from the July/August 2009 issue of Piecework magazine. I won the magazine and the yarn as part of 2009 New York City’s Yarn Crawl basket. This is actually my second attempt at this pattern.

The first attempt was with a very nice sparkly blue yarn that I also won as part of the basket (the label has long since been lost) but it just wasn’t enough yardage wise. So I’ve restarted (for the third time!) with this wonderful Madeline Tosh, another yarn from the basket. This yarn has been calling to me for years to be made into something lacy, perhaps a shawl, but I could never quite commit to knitting up a huge shawl. EDIT: I also lost the tag to this yarn in 2009. I know for a fact it’s MadTosh but I have no idea what the colorway is, what type of yarn it is nor the yardage. It’s probably at the bottom of my yarn basket, I just need to dig around for it.

It’s still in it’s beginning phase and therefore a little hard to photograph currently. This will be my first Estonian lace piece and I’m enjoying the way nupps look so far. I thought about replacing the nupps with beads but I couldn’t find any small beads in a color that would work. So nupps it is then!

My other work in progress is a bit of a secret but I’ll let you in on it. I’m crocheting a taxi cab for my swap partner. And since I’m part of two swaps, I’ll keep which Rav group it’s for under wraps. The pattern is written by the lovely Stacy Trock of Fresh Stitches and so far I’m finding it wonderfully written. The instructions are clear and she includes lots of good crisp photos of her different techniques.

I’ve never solely crocheted through the front loop before but I do like the way it makes the fabric lay and not curl up too much. “Aren’t taxis normally yellow?” You may be wondering. Well you are right, but I’m using some regifted awful acrylic and I don’t have any in yellow. I’m going to see how it turns out in blue and if I don’t like it, I may do the whole thing over again in yellow. We’ll see. The yarn is a pain to work with so far and the metal Bernat I hook is a little too short for my hands so I may pick up a fancy ergonomic one as well.

I will be unveiling my first sewn garment on Friday so be sure to tune in then. For other works in progress, click here.




  1. Love the colours and good luck with getting them completed

  2. I think artistic license with cab colors is totally acceptable, as is repurposing yarn for amigurumi!

  3. Oo, nice colors. I’m excited to see both grow, but especially the top one. It looks great so far.

  4. I think a blue taxi will be awesome, actually. I hope you get used to the yarn as you go on, that happens sometimes.

    The scarf is going to be beautiful, too. Love the pattern and colours.

  5. The colours are very nice! crossing my fingers that it goes well.

  6. AC

    I’m a perpetual yarn tag loser as well (aww, I’m a loser?).

  7. Lol, it sounded like you were going to give the sweater in blue, and thought, “Oh you probably shouldn’t mention how awful the yarn is, lol” and then I kept reading. Looks great so far!!!

  8. Funness goin’ on there! Love that Madtosh; what colorway is it? I could buy a skein in each if I could. Love the brightness of the blue for the taxi. Can’t wait to see what you’ve sewn.


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