National Teddy Bear Day

According to Stacey from Fresh Stitches (who got it from Facebook), today is National Teddy Bear Day. So in celebration (and because I’m sifting through 26 years of stuff) here are my two teddy bears. (Upon further Googling, it’s either today, September 9th or November 10th. I’m declaring that it’s today!)

Meet Teddy!

I’m not sure who gave me Teddy, but I’ve had him since I was born. He used to have a bib that said “It’s a girl!” and he plays Brahm’s Lullaby. He was with me for almost all of my hospital stays this year and while I felt a little silly, he was a great source of comfort.

Meet Puppy!

And Puppy was my other favorite teddy bear (dog?). As you can tell by their names, I was a very original child. These are the only two bears I’ll be keeping. I have some stuffed Fraggles that someone gave me a while ago that I may keep as well. Still undecided since there’s no Mokey Fraggle plushie for sale. Travesty really.

6 responses to “National Teddy Bear Day

  1. I’ve seen 9 different dates for Teddy Bear day: Sep 9, Sep 10, Nov 10, Nov 13, Nov 25(World Teddy Bear Day), Feb 9 (Canada), Feb 10, Feb 22, and May 19. Any more? It’s almost time to celebrate the first one.Who knows the real Teddy Bear Day?. It should be the day Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a small bear on a hunting trip. Does anyone know from history what day that was?

  2. I have a bear that looks similar to yours. He’s pink, and the feet say “Hug Me”. I named him Bear. He has a place of honor on top of my desk. I think I’ll take him to Texas.

  3. They are just adorable! I still have my green, crocheted blankie that’s only a foot or less long from my childhood and my mom who’s a good saver saved some of my stuffed animals like Babar.

  4. I don’t have any stuffed toys from childhood anymore. Yours are pretty cute though! And Teddy reminds me a little of the Snuggle bear.

  5. I had no idea there’s a National Teddy Bear Day. I have a stuffed cow. That’s as close I’ve ever gotten to a teddy. Yours have obviously seen lots of love. Nice!

  6. I don’t have any teddies from childhood. I’m really jealous of my boyfriend’s little panda bear “Little Ted” as he’s known. I have to say though, that Puppy trumps his Little Ted any day, he’s gorgeous!

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