(Sort of) FO Friday: Waterfall Socks

Oh the pain, tears and heartache this sock has caused me. At first everything came together so perfectly.

I found a pattern for toe up socks with a cute lace motif on it. The Waterfall pattern looked easy enough to memorize but difficult enough to keep my attention. The yarn was the perfect color and price as were the needles. Everything was on point, the stars were aligned. I mastered Judy’s Magic Cast-On and I was determined to do these two at a time.

So I did.

I knitted my little heart out but, lo, things went wrong.

The yarn kept knotting up on itself and forming these huge slugs. The nylon thread running through the wool was bunching up and it was turning into a big tangled mess. But I persevered, because that’s what I do. When things are all sorts of FUBAR, I press on hoping that if I ignore the problem it will resolve itself. I made it past the heel and finished the leg. The end was nigh, I was ready to bind off. I was so excited that I used my normal knit bind off. I wove in my ends and  put on my new pair of socks. Except, I couldn’t. I didn’t know that I had to use a stretchy bind off. “No problem,” I thought. I would just take out the woven end and undo the bind off.

That’s when the excrement hit the oscillating turbine.

As I was picking out the newly casted off edge of one sock, the live stitches began to snap in half one by one. All the way down the leg and disappearing into the ether. With a cry of frustration, I threw out that sock and hid this sock not bearing to look at it. I also tossed out the remaining yarn, cursing at it and all others in its dye lot. It broke my heart that the yarn was so difficult to work with since I used Punta yarn in an earlier project. I began to doubt myself as a knitter. Maybe the stitches snapped because my gauge was too tight? Was I just not worthy to knit these socks? Where did I go wrong? Were the knitting gods punishing me now for a previous sin? I honestly had no idea what went wrong.

A few months later, I found out that the dye lot my yarn came from was no good. I felt a little relieved knowing that really the problem was the yarn and not me. My knitting skills were finally redeemed (can you tell that I’m super hard on myself?) and maybe next time the knitting powers that be would be smiling.

Here’s my ongoing problem: I love this pattern. I really do. It’s fun and cute and goes well with a varigated yarn. But I just can’t bring myself to reknit this. There’s too much pain, too much heart break that’s wrapped up in it. We have a history together and I’ll always remember the good times but I just can’t set myself up to be burned again.

  1. What a sad story! :( I feel your pain.. I had a lot of problems with a pair of Monkey socks that I tried to make and never finished because I cursed them… much as I loved the pattern, I haven’t been able to bring myself to start a new pair. Maybe one day we’ll be able to :)

  2. Jen

    Beautiful socks – an adventure I haven’t tried yet…

    Visiting via ravelry

    • Vanessa

      They aren’t as hard as they seem! And doing them two at a time makes the job go by faster.


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