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Happy and healthy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m always thankful for still sticking around this great big world, having an awesome life and great friends.

Survival Organs Shipment Schedule

Thanksgiving is in three days, y’all! Can you believe it?

You know what that means.

It’s happening. Christmas is coming.

So if you’re planning on buying a Survival Organ for someone you love and want to get it before Hanukkah or Christmas order before these dates!


Keep in mind all of my organs come gift wrapped which means less work for you.

Fab Friday Finds #25


Why I Played Violent Video Games During Chemo

I recently read online advice (more like opinion) stating that during chemotherapy, cancer survivors should do their best to stay away from violent television, action movies and using militaristic metaphors in describing their treatment. This column continued on to encourage (women, mostly) to do their best to surround themselves with soft pretty things and eschew anything hard, loud or tough.


I can’t say I totally disagree but it left me puzzled. I enjoy watching MMA/UFC matches, my parents loved the action flicks of the late 1980s (I still enjoy the campier ones like Conan the Barbarian) and some of my favorite non-RPG video games are pretty violent.

I thought back to the winter of 2010 when I was going through chemo. For the SGT’s birthday, I surprised him with a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. While I was too weak most days to do much beyond sit on the couch, my brain was begging for entertainment and distraction. Watching him play was just what I craved.

I was really angry with my cancer diagnosis. I did my best to hide that anger most days, but I could feel how seethingly mad I was on the inside. It didn’t help that so many people (incorrectly) assume that anger helps cancer grow.

Something happened while I was watching him play. I felt like my anger was slowly dissipating with every firefight he won. I became really invested in the plotline and watching him play through.

It was strange, a video game series that I normally didn’t care for was allowing a cathartic release to happen. It was letting me feel my anger, accept it and let go. That was something yoga never helped me do! It sounds so silly but a video game let me find the strength to keep soldiering on.

And now, almost three years since I finished chemo, I’m learning that not every cancer fighting guru’s word is law. I’m not the type of person who feels comfortable in a room lit with candles, filled with yoga mats and has whale music playing over the speakers. Lots of people are and that’s awesome…for them. For me? I prefer a dark paneled room with a crackling fire, a decanter full of scotch and a great fight on the screen.

Fab Friday Finds #24


It’s been snowing this week in Minneapolis! Since the weather outside is frightful, here are some delightful indoor things to check out.

  • I need to get back into Zentangling. I’ve enjoyed doing it before and the Mindful Drawer’s blog is reminding me just why I like it.
  • The New York Times summarizes why it seems like everyone has cancer:

    “The rhetoric about the war on cancer implies that with enough money and determination, science might reduce cancer mortality as dramatically as it has with other leading killers—one more notch in medicine’s belt. But what, then, would we die from? Heart disease and cancer are primarily diseases of aging. Fewer people succumbing to one means more people living long enough to die from the other.”

  • How irresistibly cute is Grace’s Favours tutorial for a little teddy bear in an Altoids tin? I’m imagining a tiny Survival Organs lymph node in an itsy bitsy hospital bed.

Have you found anything cool online? Share with me in the comments!

Free to Pin Chemo brain image

I posted this on Instagram on Saturday but I’m letting you all have it! Feel free to Pin on Pinterest or email out. Chemo brain means never having to…something.


Fab Friday Finds #23


It’s supposed to snow this weekend and it’s Movember! The most moustache’d time of the year.

Survivor Stories: Kristen from Hey Paul! Studio

Survivor Stories with Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts

Today’s hangout is a little different. Kristen is the stitchy brains behind Hey Paul! Studio. She’s also a social worker by day. Watch her talk about working with the HIV+ population, how she unwinds by stitching and her Kansas City Drink ‘n’ Stitch events. She also has a blog and you can purchase her items from her shop.

Fab Friday Finds #22


Happy Halloween! It’s going to be a brisk 46F here in Minnesota so I doubt I’ll be able to see anyone’s costume. Here’s one of my favorites from childhood:


I’m the one dressed as a ninja. With pink shoe laces. I’m pretty sure I also have my hair in pigtails under the hood.

Here are some cool links from around the internet that’ll keep you away from the candy bowl.

Do you have any Fab Friday Finds to share?

Tonight on the Stupid Cancer Radio Show!


Tonight, October 27th, 2014 at 8pm Eastern you can hear me live on Stupid Cancer Radio!

I’ll be chatting with Matthew and Annie about the healing effects of art and craft on chemo brain. The short version is: pick up a pencil, bust out the guitar or crochet your life away. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you make something your brain will feel better. And who doesn’t want to feel better?

Tune in tonight at Stupid Cancer Radio or listen tomorrow in the archives. Either way, you won’t want to miss it.